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I Invite You to Journey the Wild Divine

Learn Better Breathing to be at Your Best

Peace, balance, beauty, calm, tranquil, serene, relax -- needed for FASD self-care.My Stress & Anxiety Story

Usually, we think up—and make—better choices, interventions, and outcomes when we feel safe, settled, and aware.

Proper breathing and settling techniques can go a long way to help us handle the frustrations, tension and headaches of life’s problems. They increase balance and harmony, unlike the temporary fixes of smoking, over-eating, anger outbursts, gambling, using drugs, or even losing ourselves in a chaotic relationship.

I never thought it would happen to me, but stress finally got the best of me in 2008… headaches for five or six days in a row, high blood pressure, tension in my neck and shoulders, panicky and anxious feelings in my stomach.

It was grinding and depressing, and after “coping” for a year I was sick & tired, frustrated, and had had enough. I stumbled upon a biofeedback therapist who finally taught me how and why to breathe properly. Funny thing is, I thought I knew how to do that from being a therapist.

Visualize Better Breathing with Wild Divine

The Iom finger sensors make the Wild Divine magic happen.The simple part of it was that he hooked me up to the Iom finger sensors, turned on the Relaxing Rhythms program, and I could visually see how my breathing affected my heart rate and stress response.

I now recommend and teach better controlled breathing—and recommend any of the Journey to Wild Divine software programs—to anyone who experiences stress from FASD or vicarious trauma (compassion fatigue).

I can’t overemphasize the powerful positive self-care effects you will get from these programs, just from better breathing. Honest. ~ Michael Harris, MA, LP

Wild Divine: Ancient Wisdom + Modern Technology = You TransformedI Invite You To..

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