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Mobicip: Safety for your Child’s Mobile Device

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The internet has everything, but a child with FASD can’t handle everything that’s out there.

How do you give your kid access to age-appropriate information but keep out the bad stuff?

MobiCip is the answer… And we have a DISCOUNT for you!

Create a safe, secure and customized Internet for your family, school, or enterprise. Access it anytime anywhere from any mobile device — Apple Products (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch), Android devices, Windows Operating Systems, and the free Ubuntu Operating System.

Mobicip is your private web filter on the cloud. Check out the video below…

Use coupon code 0CC1JX (zero-C-C-one-J-X) for a 10% discount on two or more premium subscriptions to www.mobicip.com services.

Use the code at checkout – Each subscription is regularly US$9.99, but get 2 for US$17.98, 3 for US$26.97, etc. Must be purchased at the same time.


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