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POPFASD and DSM-5 Video

DSM-5 Changes and FASD Explained by Dr. Lilley

DSM-5 and FASD Explained: Thank You POPFASD! Our friends at the Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (also known as POPFASD) just posted a video of Dr. Christine Lilley explaining the ins-and-outs of diagnosing a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) with the DSM-5 (the book that psychiatrists and psychologists use to diagnose mental […]

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FASD and Chores not done

FASD and Chores: A Few Ideas

FASD and Chores This is a basic look at what may have helped get a home chore completed. Everyone will have a different experience, but here are four things to consider when it comes to FASD and Chores: 1. Understanding the chore 2. Capacity or “juice” for the chore 3. Motivation for the chore 4. […]

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Story of Iyal - Secondary Disabilities of FASD

FASD Elephant™ #011: The Secondary Disabilities of FASD

Use this player to listen to the podcast: People with FASD (including FAS) have both primary and secondary disabilities. Secondary disabilities are those disabilities that arise because of a mismatch between the brain damage and factors in the environment–they are not directly caused from the brain damage. Secondary disabilities are usually the hardest part of […]

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