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FASD Elephant Memorial Day Mow 5

A Memorable Memorial Mowing Day

I can feel my frustration building… Here comes a wasted Saturday afternoon. After finally getting the energy up to mow my lawn, then dragging the mower out of a storage shed and getting fuel, I found the mower’s rip cord was jammed and wouldn’t loosen even a little bit. I go inside complaining… Should I […]

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The Web of FASD

FASD is Complicated (with apologies to Jimmy Buffett)

When Helping Shows FASD is Complicated Back in 2007, I discovered that the Wikipedia entries for FAS and FASD were sparse, meandering, and in need of updates (check out this older version for comparison). Anyone is allowed, even encouraged, to edit Wikipedia, so I set about helping reorganize it according to history, diagnostics, and interventions, plus update […]

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Trying differently to find a little light in your tunnel

Sometimes a little light in the tunnel can help…

Last Friday as I leaned against the kitchen doorframe, waiting for my kid and taking my third deep breath of the morning, a thought skipped through my head: “Can we please have just one morning that works smoothly every once in a while? …maybe glimpse a little light at the end of the tunnel sometime…?” […]

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Why do you do what you do? Why FASD?

Why I do what I do

Why FASD? On Monday, somebody asked me why I teach about FASD, especially online. The question was important enough to put the answer on the website’s main page today, especially as we refocus more to better address accurate FASD information, creative problem-solving, finding & creating support, and promoting self-care. It’s crucial to think about what […]

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