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Author Linda Rosenbaum shares insights with FASD Elephant

Powerful FASD Memoir: Interview with Linda Rosenbaum – FASD Elephant™ Podcast #019

Use this player (below) to listen to the podcast of Linda’s interview from your computer or mobile device. Use the icons (above) to share with others! Linda Rosenbaum Shares Her Insights as an FASD Caregiver in Not Exactly As Planned Hi and welcome to the December FASD Elephant Podcast! Linda Rosenbaum has written a new memoir titled Not […]

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FASD and Chores not done

FASD and Chores: A Few Ideas

FASD and Chores This is a basic look at what may have helped get a home chore completed. Everyone will have a different experience, but here are four things to consider when it comes to FASD and Chores: 1. Understanding the chore 2. Capacity or “juice” for the chore 3. Motivation for the chore 4. […]

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FASD Elephant Memorial Day Mow 5

A Memorable Memorial Mowing Day

I can feel my frustration building… Here comes a wasted Saturday afternoon. After finally getting the energy up to mow my lawn, then dragging the mower out of a storage shed and getting fuel, I found the mower’s rip cord was jammed and wouldn’t loosen even a little bit. I go inside complaining… Should I […]

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