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Author Linda Rosenbaum shares insights with FASD Elephant

Powerful FASD Memoir: Interview with Linda Rosenbaum – FASD Elephant™ Podcast #019

Use this player (below) to listen to the podcast of Linda’s interview from your computer or mobile device. Use the icons (above) to share with others! Linda Rosenbaum Shares Her Insights as an FASD Caregiver in Not Exactly As Planned Hi and welcome to the December FASD Elephant Podcast! Linda Rosenbaum has written a new memoir titled Not […]

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Wishing there were more FASD books?

FASD Book Release Announcement

Two Announcements! FASD Book Release Sign-up Do you remember the last time you wished for more FASD books? Yep, me too. Since committing last month to finish my half-written FASD books, chapters and articles, I’ve got the top five FASD topics and I’m buckling down to get these completed and published this year. “What are […]

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Help me Write My FASD Book Series

Tell Me What Kind of FASD Books You’ve Always Wished You Had…

For the new year, I’ve challenged myself to quit “fiddling around” and finish writing those books about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. And I need your feedback on exactly what kinds of FASD books and topics to create. I’ve spent this month so far gearing up on the process of publishing, developing FASD topics & chapters […]

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